IGCSE Physics Course

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igcse and IB physics teacher.

Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Mohsen

+15 Years of experiance
Ol – AS- A2 (Cambridge – Edexcel– Oxford AQA – IB)
Mr. Mahmoud Abdelmohsen received an M.Sc. in physics (biophysics) from Cairo University ــ Faculty of Science, Cairo, Egypt. He is working as an Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Physics & Engineering Mathematics, SHA ( The Higher Institute of Engineering, El-Shorouk City), Cairo, Egypt. His Ph.D. degree is expected to be received from Cairo University in a few months. The academic position besides different certificates of methods of teaching and learning acquired his extensive experience in teaching physics (courses of classical and modern physics) to undergraduate students of different disciplines and universities (AUC – AUS – GUC – BUE – BUC). For more than 15 years, he has taught physics subjects for IGCSE, AS & A levels of international qualifications (Cambridge – Edexcel – AQA – Oxford AQA – IB) and recently, core syllabus for grade 9. “I believe that – each student requires a suitable teaching method to motivate his skills” Mahmoud Abdel
OL physics teacher

Dr. Mahmoud Nour

+8 Years of experiance
Cambridge-certified physics instructor
-Mahmoud Nour graduated with honors from the Faculty of Science, physics department, as the second of his class. -His passion was teaching from day one, so he decided to teach for three years at AUC, aside from tutoring IGCSE learners. -During his journey at the AUC, his passion for the IGCSE grew to the point where he was certified as a physics instructor by Cambridge. Dr. Mahmoud Nour believes in self-development, so he was one of the few who got a full scholarship from Erasmus to pursue a master's degree at one of the top 3 reputable universities in Europe. -He's currently working as a Physics teacher for IGCSE and AS in reputable British international schools. Over the course of eight years of tutoring and counting, his instructional methods for physics have become
igcse, sat , Act , est Physics teacher

Mr. Ayman Saber

+15 Years of experiance
EDUCATION: He graduated from the faculty of education, Alex in 2005. EXPERIENCE: 17 years experience in teaching He taught physics from 2005 until now. He has taught all branches of physics; national, American (SAT-II), IGCSE OL, AS, A2 All
igcse physics teacher

Mrs Manar Araben

+20 Years of experiance
Physics Cambridge & Edexcel & AQA
IGCSE physics instructor Master in physics. Cairo university Experience more than 20 years Cambridge & Edexcel & AQA Head of department & Educational Consultant in many international Schools - pyramids international School - Mansoura College International School - Smart international
igcse Physics teacher in uae and egypt

Dr. Ahmed Ramadan

+15 Years of experiance
Physics OL/As/A2 (Cambridge (CIE) and Edexcel (Edx))
Coordinator of Physics Teaching Assistants at Zewail University – with over 15 years of experience at Zewail University and leading international schools including Choueifat UAE, Al-Orouba, and AlRowad KSA. He taught Physics IGCSE OL/As/A2 for both CIE and Edexcel in addition to AP Physics. He holds a B.Sc degree in Physics and M.Sc in Physics in addition to a diploma in teaching Physics from Ain-Shams