No, we do not offer offline, we offer Online only

We teach all subjects in:
• IGCSE (OL- As- A2)
• IB ( PYP- MYP- DP)
• American (SAT, ACT, EST)
• Lower grades (from grade 1 to 8)
• Language skills (English- French – German)
• Summer courses
• Foundation year courses (pharmacy- Medicine- engineering- business)
• Free IGCSE consulting services

You can pay in advance either monthly or by course.
Through Vodaphone cash or By Bank transfer contact our coordinator to know more (add a link to Whatsapp)

No, we do not sell classified or books

Contact our coordinator, then provide her with your name, grade, and the subject you need help with, and she will supply you with all the details you need to choose the best teacher who can help you.

Yes, we offer free online Academic consulting for (IGCSE, ACT, EST, SAT)

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