IGCSE Chemistry Course

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chemistry teacher in Riyadh and egypt

Dr. Osama Al Taher

+25 Years of experiance
OL- AL- AS (Cambridge (CIE) , Person Edexcel (EDX)
Chemistry teacher with more than 25 years of experience in Egypt and the Gulf area (KSA) -A highly experienced IGCSE and A-Level chemistry instructor with more than 25 years of experience in #Egypt and the Gulf area ( #KSA). -One of the top and most known teachers in Riyadh. Holding a B.SC in science (chemistry major) at Cairo University. -A highly experienced IGCSE and A-Level chemistry instructor with more than 25 years of experience in Egypt and the Gulf area (KSA). -(15 years as head of the department) holding TKT certificate 3 modules (Cambridge
igcse chemistry teacher in egypt

Dr. Salma Ayman Youssef

+9 Years of experiance
chemistry OL (Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel) Al (Cambridge)
She holds a bachelor’s degree in clinical pharmacy and a master’s degree in medical biotechnology, in addition to having experience in teaching, both at the school level and at the university level. For the past nine years, I have been a qualified Chemistry IGCSE and AL instructor, assisting students in achieving the highest possible grades. Her laboratory career and vast knowledge of Chemistry have influenced her teaching skills making her lessons captivating for
Economics & Accounting (OL /AL (Cambridge CIE / Person Edexcel (Edx)

Dr. Sherine Abou Hashish

+20 Years of experiance
OL Cambridge (CIE)
I graduated from the faculty of pharmacy in 2002. I worked in different fields in pharmacy, and in 2004, I shifted careers and became an assistant IGCSE chemistry teacher for grade 10 a year after I taught year 10 at Victory College. Afterward, I traveled to Saudi Arabia and taught there in grades 8 and 9 for one year at Dar Jana and Pioneers International School in Jeddah, KSA. One year later, I was back in Egypt, where I taught in most of the reputable schools in Alexandria: the Alexandria House of English Reyadah, the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, and the Future International School. For the past two years, I have been promoted to become the Head of the British Section of Harvest International School in Borg el Arab, Alexandria, and from there, as the school principal for Harvard International School, I have been in charge of opening the school, taking the license, and managing the whole process until the school opened. Teaching chemistry is a passion, and it is a great pleasure to teach students how to understand chemistry, not just memorize
IGCSE chemistry ol online teacher

Dr. Nesreen Abdelaal

+13 Years of experiance
Chemistry OL Cambridge and Edxcel & Combined science
Dr. Nesreen Abdelaal is a former pharmacist turned educator with over 13 years of experience in international schools. Graduating from Misr University for Science and Technology, she holds a degree in pharmacy. Dr. Nesreen further pursued her passion for teaching by obtaining a Diploma in teaching Math and Science from the American University in Cairo (AUC) and another Diploma in teaching from Ain Shams University. Throughout her career, Dr. Nesreen has taught Chemistry (Cambridge and Edexcel) and Combined Science, offering students a comprehensive understanding of scientific disciplines. she has worked at reputable international schools such as Chouiefat International School, NIS International School, and AIS International School, gaining valuable experience in diverse curricula and teaching methodologies. With a focus on student success, Dr. Nesreen have her own classified notes and past papers, scheduled quizzes and mocks, and maintained rigorous follow-up with both students and parents. Her commitment to delivering quality education is evident in her ability to tailor lessons to meet students' learning

Dr Rana Hassan

+10 Years of experiance
Biology OL & AL Cambridge (cie) and Person Edexcel (EDX) boards
Experienced and Highly qualified biology and chemistry teacher with a diverse experience in multiple fields for several years. - 10 years experience teaching OL & AL biology for both Cambridge and Edexcel boards - 9 years experience teaching chemistry OL & AL For both Cambridge and Edexcel boards - 6 years experience teaching Human Biology - 3 years experience teaching OL & AL Biology Oxford board - 3 years experience teaching OL & AL chemistry at Oxford Board - 2 years experience teaching AP biology College Board - 4 years experience teaching biology SABIS syllabus for choiefat schools for various grades - 5 Years’ experience teaching National biology and chemistry gulf syllabus for grades 9-12 - 4 years experience teaching pre-IGCSE students grades 7-9 both biology and chemistry syllabus Former teaching assistant at faculty of pharmacy Alexandria University, Ex-IGCSE student graduated with an excellent with distinction