IGCSE Biology Course

This biology course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles of biology. The course will cover topics ranging from the structure and function of cells to genetics, evolution, ecology, and more. Throughout the course, students will be challenged to think critically and analytically, while also developing their scientific inquiry skills. The course is taught by experienced teachers who have a minimum of 7 years of teaching experience in biology. Our goal is to make students love biology not Just excel in it.

Igcse biology teacher

Dr. Yara Abdellatif

+7 Years of experiance
Biology Ol and AS Cambridge (cie)
She is a former IGCSE student. She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at El Kasr el Ainy and is a member of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. She is a very passionate teacher whose students enjoy her teaching
igcse Biology O.L. EDEXCEL & Biology (core) CAMBRIDGE teacher

Dr.Salwa Hamdy

+10 Years of experiance
Biology O.L. EDEXCEL & Biology (core) CAMBRIDGE
-Graduated from faculty of science (microbiology/chemistry dep.) - Cairo university 2004 -Teaches Biology O.L. EDEXCEL & Biology (core) CAMBRIDGE - Completed the educational qualification for teachers course (center for developing university education - Ain shams university) - Total 20 years of teaching experience in both national and international schools. - Former science teacher at Creative International School and International Schools of Kenana. - Former high school Biology IG teacher at Dar el Tarbiah (Agouza branch) since 2012 - Currently teaching high school biology IG at Dr. Nermin Ismail British School (NIS-Owest). - Current high school biology IG teacher at Winchester British International
Biology teacher

Mr. Abdelrahman Khattab

+10 Years of experiance
OL Cambridge (cie) , Oxford (AQA) and Person Edexcel (EDX)
Experienced IGCSE biology teacher alsoACT, SAT, and EST Biology teacher (American Diploma). I teach chemistry IGCSE OL Cambridge, Oxford, and Edexcel as well. I Worked At Victoria international school At the moment working at Cairo British School. Applying the American Curriculum by California Standards in teaching. I am constantly updated and enthusiastically prepared with the modern aspects of education to assist and guide students in creating their own learning

Dr Rana Hassan

+10 Years of experiance
Biology OL & AL Cambridge (cie) and Person Edexcel (EDX) boards
Experienced and Highly qualified biology and chemistry teacher with a diverse experience in multiple fields for several years. - 10 years experience teaching OL & AL biology for both Cambridge and Edexcel boards - 9 years experience teaching chemistry OL & AL For both Cambridge and Edexcel boards - 6 years experience teaching Human Biology - 3 years experience teaching OL & AL Biology Oxford board - 3 years experience teaching OL & AL chemistry at Oxford Board - 2 years experience teaching AP biology College Board - 4 years experience teaching biology SABIS syllabus for choiefat schools for various grades - 5 Years’ experience teaching National biology and chemistry gulf syllabus for grades 9-12 - 4 years experience teaching pre-IGCSE students grades 7-9 both biology and chemistry syllabus Former teaching assistant at faculty of pharmacy Alexandria University, Ex-IGCSE student graduated with an excellent with distinction