American Curriculum English Course

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ig English instructor

Mr. Hakem Salah

+10 Years of experiance
English as a second Language, English as first Language, IB English
Mr. Hakim has over 10 years of experience as an IB/IGCSE English teacher in both British and American schools. He has a BA degree in English and American Literature (Cairo University). He is officially an IB-certified English teacher. Mr. Hakim served as an English/Economics teacher at Al Rowad International Schools in KSA (Riyadh City). He was teaching grades 9 and 10 in the British section. He also worked for SAT/ACT academy in Riyadh city. Most recently, he works as an English teacher at Newcastle International schools in October city – Cairo. He teaches English and Economics for G.11 (American Diploma). He also teaches English B for G.10 (IB section). He also works as an IELTS instructor for an online academy. Mr. Hakim has used the newest version of Barron’s New SAT, Princeton Review for New SAT, and College Board New SAT in his lecturing and
English SAT, ACT, EST teacher

Mrs. Eman Abdelhakim

+10 Years of experiance
English British curriculum 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, SAT, ACT, EST 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Graduated from Ain Shams University, Faculty of AL ALSUN English department 2009. The second language is Spanish. 2. TEFL diploma certified from AIPS 2011. 3. Studied Common Language Approach (C.L.A) training course 2015. 4. Completed Teaching Teens program at the British Council 2019. 5. Completed Teaching Diploma in Faculty of Education in 2023. Past experience a.Middle and High school ELA teacher at New Castle International school. ( from Sept 2022 till now) b. Middle-school ELA teacher at Mastery International Online School. (From Sept 2021 till 2022) c. Middle School American history teacher at MASE school. (From 2018 to 2021) d. Middle school English and social studies teacher at Virginia International School. (From 2016 to
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Mr. Gamal Hassan Abd Elghani

40 Years of experiance
English as a second language Cambridge (cie) A Cambridge-certified teacher trainer. Graduate of the English Department, the Faculty of Languages, Ain Shams University, 1982 (very good), got the CELTA in 2008. I've been teaching English since 1982, first in the faculty of languages at Ain Shams University, then in high and international schools in Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. I taught English at Thamer International School, Global International School, and Dar Al Fikr School. At the moment, I am teaching English at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. I have been teaching IGCSE for many years. I also teach IELTS and