American Curriculum Chemistry Course

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Dr Rana Hassan

+10 Years of experiance
Biology OL & AL Cambridge (cie) and Person Edexcel (EDX) boards
Experienced and Highly qualified biology and chemistry teacher with a diverse experience in multiple fields for several years. - 10 years experience teaching OL & AL biology for both Cambridge and Edexcel boards - 9 years experience teaching chemistry OL & AL For both Cambridge and Edexcel boards - 6 years experience teaching Human Biology - 3 years experience teaching OL & AL Biology Oxford board - 3 years experience teaching OL & AL chemistry at Oxford Board - 2 years experience teaching AP biology College Board - 4 years experience teaching biology SABIS syllabus for choiefat schools for various grades - 5 Years’ experience teaching National biology and chemistry gulf syllabus for grades 9-12 - 4 years experience teaching pre-IGCSE students grades 7-9 both biology and chemistry syllabus Former teaching assistant at faculty of pharmacy Alexandria University, Ex-IGCSE student graduated with an excellent with distinction